Dundalk Sub Aqua Club, Established in 2001.

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2018: Videos from our snorkels and duckdive:

14th of January: https://youtu.be/-FApHsXFcgQ

21st of January:  https://youtu.be/lhoZFb-x3qw

28th of January: https://youtu.be/-FApHsXFcgQ


A vibrant club needs new members!

Dundalk Sub Aqua Club was founded in 2001 by a number of experienced local divers who felt it was time to pool their knowledge and diving experience together and set up our very own club in Dundalk.Some of our members have been diving for over 25 years and their knowledge of local and national dive sites contributes greatly to keeping the Club vibrant and active.

We have over 50 members, the majority of whom are active divers. We take in new members in the autumn. This year we introduced 10 new Trainees to the wonders of diving.This is an exciting time for both the Trainees and the Club members. Everyone gets involved and gives encouragement and support throughout the training period.

After completing the water exercises in the local pool and attending the full lecture programme the trainees are prepared to head out to Carlingford Lough to get some snorkelling experience.
The trainees are shown how to enter the water from the Dive boat, and get back into the boat again after the snorkel. Again an experienced Club member will accompany each trainee.

In January/February the water is cold but snorkelling in Irish waters helps to build up stamina and gain confidence in the water.

At this stage all the hard work is done





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