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 As a sharp northerly wind chased the remains of an out - going tide from Carlingford Lough, on a sunny November morning, a combined team from Dundalk SAC and Greenore Coast Guard gathered at the slipway at Greenore, to conduct a joint exercise. The object of this exercise was to ‘Help the Coast Guard to Help Us’. With the aid of our fully kitted diver, Jackie, our D.O. Finbarr Dillon, comprehensively demonstrated the various B.C. buckles, weight belts, dry suit connectors, and various other attachments and possible restraints, to a very attentive Coast Guard Crew.


Hauling an inert person into the limited space of their RIB is a difficult task at the best of times, but to lift a fully kitted diver would be extremely difficult, explained James Larkin, Officer in Charge, and while the Coast Guard Crew may attempt to retain a diver’s equipment, their first priority is always to recover the casualty and transport and transfer them as quickly as possible to the relevant medical personnel.

Our D.O. agreed that this was understandable, but pointed out that in order to determine the cause of the diving accident, the diver’s intact equipment and dive computer would be vital in helping to medically assess the diver, and in determining the correct course of treatment.

After a demonstration of the ‘dacon cradle’ and the particular ‘basket stretcher ‘to be used by the Coast Guard on the exercise, our boats were launched, and our ‘distressed diver’ soon deployed. In testing conditions, the Coast Guard coxswain Eddie Marmion, moved expertly into position and with the aid of his crew quickly recovered the ‘casualty’ before rapidly heading for shore, while we in turn picked up the dive buddy and swiftly followed.

The transfer of the ‘casualty’ from boat to shore was handled smoothly and professionally by the Coast Guard, with extra muscle supplied by Dundalk SAC. In our joint debrief in the comfort of the Greenore Coast Guard Station, all considered the exercise a job well done, and a lot had been learned on both sides.

Big thanks to our friends and sea colleagues in Greenore Coast Guard and to our D.O., and to everyone who so ably assisted from Dundalk SAC, great team effort by all!

Author: Don Baldwin. Dundalk SAC.

Pictures of the exercise:

Center Right: Finbarr Dillon D.O. & Don Baldwin Coxn. & Dundalk SAC Crew.
Center Left: James Larkin O.I.C. & Coast Guard Crew & Eddie Marmion Coxn.

Coast Guard deploying ' Dacon Cradle'

A smooth transfer to land:


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