Dundalk Sub Aqua Club, Established in 2001.

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Warrenpoint Harbour Authority

Proposal to start disposing of dredged material

in Carlingford Lough


Are you aware that Warrenpoint Harbour Authority (WHA) are proposing a new dredge disposal site in Carlingford Lough?


They currently have a disposal site 15 miles out from the port in the open sea and are proposing to switch this to an in-Lough site to facilitate cheaper, more regular dredging.


As divers, we are acutely aware of the immense biodiversity within the Lough and believe these plans will, in all likelihood, have a serious impact on this unique ecosystem. We, as a club, are now actively participating as a stakeholder in the process.


We want to ensure that the diversity and density of marine life throughout the Lough is protected and are asking the WHA, in their stated role as "Custodians of the Marine Environment", to reconsider their proposal in respect to this rich and diverse marine environment and in respect of the many other stakeholders likely to be impacted including the shellfish farmers, fisherman and local tourism sector.


Our initial representation provided into the application process can be accessed on:

DSAC representation


It sets out our background as a club and our reasons behind a unanimous objection to this proposal.

Even though it looks like a big document, a large part of the content is photos displaying a  'window on the world' of the marine life we encounter diving in the Lough on a weekly basis throughout the year.


The two reefs on which all photos are taken are less than 500 metres from WHA's current preferred disposal location.


 Carlingford Lough2


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